Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Fan profile: Ian Wagstaff

Finally, there's a break in the packed snooker schedule.

This gives OnCue the chance to feature another of the blog's avid readers. This time out sees a century-maker go under the spotlight. Read about his love of the game and an innovative new rule he'd like to see put in place for fouls.

Name: Ian Wagstaff


From: Coventry

Occupation: A licensed bookmaker for 20 years. Currently unemployed.

Highest break:145

Followed snooker since: I began playing when I was about 10 or 11-years-old

First memories:Watching Terry Griffiths win the World Championship in 1979. "I'm gonna buy a motorbike." Great quote.

First favourite player: Tony Knowles. He was a real flair player in the days when you couldn't just screw the cueball up and down the table like you can today.

First live match: Steve Davis v Tony Knowles in the 1989 Rothmans Grand Prix. An elderly gentleman in front of us was eating sweets with his missus and Len Ganley shouted 'can that man with the bag shut up'.

Best memory: I played Paul Hunter at Willie Thorne's club in a monthly one-day tournament in 1992. He was only 13 but I'd never seen anything like it in my life.

Greatest player: Ronnie O'Sullivan is the greatest player of all time. Stephen Hendry is the greatest winner of all time.

Favourite player: It will always be Paul Hunter. Although he left us so young, I feel lucky to have watched him play. Who knows what else he would have achieved but I'm sure he would have had a big say in the way snooker is today.

Snooker in 10 years' time will... continue to grow in Asia and around the globe. There will also be many more Asian players at the top of the rankings.

If I could make one change to the game... I'd scrap four points for a foul and make it 10. It's outdated because of the way players score today. By increasing it to 10, it would encourage players to hit the easiest ball each time.

I love snooker because... it's such a beautiful skillful game yet it can put a man's character to anvil and his greatest qualities, patience and restraint to the flame.

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  1. Nice interview.

    Playing Paul must be an amazing memory Ian. He left way too early and was one of the best personalities the game ever saw.

    Not sure i agree with your 10 point foul ruling but you do have a point.


  2. Thx Alec yeah I got 2 play him few times after he turned pro at his base in Leeds . He was one nicest people I ever met god bless him . I know what ya sayin about 10 for a foul maybe 2 harsh . I like the option of using the " gotta hit a cushion rule " , either cue ball or object ball when laying snooker

  3. To me he was one of the only players that i would take a free day from work to watch. So much charisma around the table. I still have the episode of sportstars that he was on and watch it loads with a laugh but also a tear in my eye that he is no longer with us.

    As for the fouls its a difficult one, and like the miss rule, difficult to say what the best approach is.


  4. Blimey 145 u must be a pretty handy player mate, i bet u wish u were 15-18 yrs younger so u could play in all these PTC events.