Monday, 13 February 2012

Nugget rolls back the years

Steve Davis stole the show on the opening day of the Welsh Open.

Picture by Monique Limbos
The Nugget rolled back the years to knock out Ali Carter 4-3 in Newport; but it was the manner of victory that was even more impressive.

The six-time Crucible king compiled two centuries en route to this famous win as he proved he can still mix it with the big boys.

The great thing about Davis is that despite his vast success in the sport, his hunger to win remains prominent.

When I watch him play, I get the feeling he still enjoys the adrenalin rush of battle as much as he did back in his heyday.

Davis was such a great multiple champion in this sport because of his outright will to win. Although ability took him to his highest levels, his desire was arguably better than anyone else.

To still be competing with the game’s top stars today probably goes to strengthen that point.

Steve is at the stage of his career where he can probably enjoy his snooker more than ever. Although he will still be driven on by winning, his success and legendary status in the sport has long since been secured.

If anything, it is days in the sun like this that will only enhance people’s memories of his best. The fans love it when every now and then Steve rolls back the years.

I bet Davis will be loving it too. Well played Nugget

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  1. ...well played indeed! And he is such a great character of "his" sport and gives so much to all those seeing him play - I had the chance in Berlin as he did his exhibitions before the German Masters Final - it was so much fun, a great entertainer and comedian: "That's easy for me, for: I'm a professionel!!!"
    I wish him some 20 more great years of snooker! (and then another win in the crucible ;-> )