Monday, 23 April 2012

Barry Hearn press conferences

Snooker supremo Barry Hearn responds to recent player outbursts and announces changes to the tour...


  1. I hear what Barry Hearn is saying, and I think there are things in the game that do need changing. But I also feel that some of the changes have to be reviewed, and constantly measured.
    The tour now includes a lot of events in China and one in Australia, as well as the six European weekends.
    In the early rounds of the world championships the players who have had a good season look jaded, and Mark Allen and Shaun Murphy have already been eliminated. I feel the pressures placed on the players must be monitored.
    With the players from the lower ranks the financial pressures need to be addressed. In the PTC events players have to travel, pay for lodgings and most are out of pocket as the prize money is at best poor, at worst non existent unless they reach the quarter finals.
    The game needs to attract more younger players, that is not in question, but it also needs to look after the elite or public interest will wane.
    I believe the players should be consulted more on how they would like the game move forward and a compromise put in place.

  2. Also Mr Hearn compares snooker with golf and tennis. Do major golf tournaments play the best of nine holes or one round will decide a tournament? Or in tennis will wimbledon or the french open play to four games as an opening round?
    These sports have stuck to a tradition. The early rounds of the uk championship being best of eleven is not going to see the best always prevailing, and that is not good for the sport in my opinion...