Friday, 22 June 2012

Bingham on a Ballrun

Stuart Bingham is quickly acquiring the taste for a trophy after winning his second of the season before many players have even picked up a cue.

It's only June and already the Basildon potter has lifted the Pink Ribbon pro-am title in Gloucester and has now added the first ranking trophy of the campaign at the new APTC1 tournament.

Bingham won a thrilling final 4-3 on the final black against Stephen Lee as his impressive start continued.

Stuart has never been afraid of hard work and while some players have opted to take an extended summer break, he's gone straight back to work and is reaping the rewards.

Last season was one of massive significance for Bingham. He won his first ever ranking title at the Australian Open, moved into the top 16 of the world rankings for the first time and celebrated the birth of his first child.

These were milestones in his life and becoming father, in particular and understandably, took his full focus away from snooker. This saw a mixed bag of results after the turn of the year but he looks ready and raring to go again this season.

His return to form comes as perfect timing with the defence of his Ozzie triumph close on the horizon and with the Wuxi Classic beginning in China on Monday, he'll be in the groove right from ball one, will be lifted by his winning feeling and nicely acclimatised to the Asian conditions.

Some of his opponents - who have been flying out from today - may be a little rustier. Bingham has chosen to get a headstart by playing plenty of snooker already, and should see the benefits of that again next week.

Well played to Stuart. There aren't many players who get a greater cheer when they win a tournament . He's a popular lad on the circuit and is a great ambassador for the philosophy that you get out of the game what you put in.

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  1. Great Article Stuart has put a lot of hard work in and is finally showing his form with a bit of confidence behind him he should do well this year.