Thursday, 23 August 2012

This one's for Paul

The snooker roadshow has arrived in Germany ready for The Paul Hunter Classic.

This is a special tournament in memory of a very special player.

Popular Paul died of cancer six years ago, aged just 27, and it's fitting that such a vibrant tournament is named in his memory.

Paul was a talented player and a likable lad with a bubbly character to go with it. He was the kind of player who attracted fans to the game. His natural attacking instincts created a buzz and won him plenty of admirers.

He was comfortable playing the game he loved and embraced everything that came with life as a top class sportsman.

It's actually perfect that this tournament in Furth should be named after him. After all, Hunter was always a great supporter of the former German Open pro-am tournament and he loved his snooker to the fullest extent, just like the waves of fans in Germany who will turn out in their droves to watch this European PTC event.

The Paul Hunter Classic is a title all real snooker fans love because it continues the legacy of a fine talent. Paul was most well known for winning three Masters titles and I'm convinced he would have already got his hands on the World Championship crown was he still with us today.

That opportunity was cruelly taken away from him but he will never be forgotten for the great entertainment he provided and how he helped increase the popularity of the sport.

This tournament is sure to be watched far and wide thanks to Eurosport's continued first class coverage and all the players will be keen to win a title that means so much in the snooker world.

Here's to watching watching some top-class snooker snooker over the next few days in memory of the great Paul Hunter.

Never forgotten. And just to make sure, watch a tribute to him here:

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  1. I wish all the players who moan about petty issues would think about Paul and realise that they are very lucky to have the opportunities they do.