Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Higgins has got Trump's number

Judd Trump may be playing snooker that looks untouchable - but John Higgins continues to have the beating of him.

The Bristolian has scored 10 centuries over the past two days at the Pink PTC in Gloucester. Still it wasn't enough to land the title.

That's because of one man. Higgins has his number. Tonight he beat him 4-2 to land the trophy.

I admire Trump because he approaches every event, big or small, in the same way. He has a young fearlessness and an ambition to win every tournament he plays in. He enjoys the buzz of competing and rises to the challenge of winning.

When Judd is playing at his best, like he his now, he looks unstoppable. He has reached three finals within the past two months, but twice Higgins has been his undoing.

The Scot is playing in the twilight years of his career and is finding a way to contain and pick off Trump. His experience is clearly playing a part but I also believe he is motivated by the challenge of testing all his old tricks on the newest and most exciting talent in the game.

Trump is at the stage of his career where he will keep coming back for more. His positive attitude is unwavering. He has great belief in his ability, and so he should as the world number one.

He has time on his side to build on his success. But for now, Higgins is proving he can still come out on top.

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  1. Yes,
    well done John.
    Still the boss in my book.