Friday, 7 December 2012

Murphy's magic

Shaun Murphy has a history of making great comebacks and this deciding frame win to reach the UK Championship final was up their with his very finest.

Picture by Monique Limbos
The appropriately named Magician looked dead and buried as he trailed Ali Carter 8-4.

Then, just like in the World Championship final against Matthew Stevens in 2005 and the Wuxi Classic final against Ding Junhui in 2010, he produced an attacking masterclass to storm back.

Murphy won five straight frames and put together a gallery of unbelievable pots. It was genuinely a joy to watch as he bulldozed his way to victory and went on a snooker onslaught.

Carter didn't throw this match away, Murphy won it. His attacking prowess sensationally paid off. That's a sweet feeling for Shaun who admits he has tried to strip his game back to the raw attacking qualities that have brought him his success in years gone by.

He said: "I'm very proud of the comeback.

"Maths was never my strong point. I like it when things are simple. With four down and five to play it's pretty straightforward. You know where you stand with that; it's very simple.

"There was no room for mistakes - I didn't feel any different or try to play any differently. I  tired to play the right shots and luckily for me they went in."

Murphy is now through to his second UK Championship final and goes into it on the back of one of his finest moments on the table.

For Ali, you can't help but feel gutted for him.

The manner of this defeat would be tough for anyone. He has had a fine  year made even more remarkable when you consider his ongoing battle against Crohn's disease.

When asked about the battle and the struggle he has faced, he broke down in tears at the press conference.

It was a sad, sad sight but we know he is a fighter, so he will be back.

Shaun roars on and will go into the final with a feeling of invincibility.


  1. very good summary that is!
    ...and I hope, Ali will be flying again - but he will be carrying this with him for some time, I fear!

    Tks for your nice post

  2. Ali did throw it away, turning down a potential frame winning black at 8-4 up, playing negatively then missing an easy red in decider when on a break of 30 and balls open, Ali has a history of choking and as gutting as it must be for him and as well as Shaun played, Ali was architect of his demise..