Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Crucible is calling

The famous World Championship is about to begin for another year and the anticipation, as ever, is through the roof.

Anyone who has ever been to the Crucible knows this is a special snooker place.

Every year it gives us all that same tingling feeling as we prepare for 17 days of wall-to-wall snooker to discover who will be our next world champion.

We can look forward to all the usual excitement. There will be twists and turns in matches, intense pressure and drama at every corner. There will be glory for some, heartbreak for others.

This is snooker's premier event. The jewel in the crown of the season. This is the event that will sit up and grab the wider public's attention. This is the event every player dreams of winning, a tournament that can make or break a season.

This year, of course, we have an extra source of spice: Ronnie O'Sullivan's return.

The four-time world champion has played just one competitive match in the past year - but is back to defend his crown.

Everyone expects the Rocket to come back with a blaze of glory - but no one knows for sure. There's no form to study. O'Sullivan comes into the heat of intense competition today close to cold but still with a weight of expectation.

He has all the natural ability and the buzz of this fresh challenge to spur him on against Marcus Campbell. It's time for him to deliver.

The atmosphere inside Sheffield's snooker paradise is going to be fantastic when he walks out to kick-off this year's World Championship.

This is the greatest snooker show in the world, and it starts right now.

Enjoy the tournament.

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