Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ted Lowe dies aged 90

Snooker said goodbye to one of its oldest and greatest legends today.

Ted Lowe - nicknamed Whispering Ted - died aged 90 and will be fondly remembered for 50 years as the commentary king of the game.

He's been the voice of some of snooker's classic moments including the conclusion of the famous 1985 World Championship final between Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor, which went down to the final black.

Among his notable successes was devising the popular BBC Pot Black series in 1969, which led to the great snooker boom of the 1980s

I'm 23-years-old, so sadly only heard flashes of his work from old footage - but the messages I've already read show what high esteem he was held in.

He retired from snooker commentary in 1996, just a year before I got hooked on the game. It would be wrong for me to blog in too much detail about his greatness. I'll leave that to the people who knew him best. I'll be buying in a selection of newspapers tomorrow to read more about his contributions to snooker.

R.I.P Ted.

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