Monday, 17 October 2011

Remembering the hero of Higgins

Snooker will remember one of its most iconic players this weekend when the PTC series takes a trip to Killarney.

The PTC event eight - being held in the Republic of Ireland - has been renamed the Alex Higgins Trophy and comes as a fitting tribute to an incredible talisman of the baize.

While it's fair to say Higgins could have won more given his natural ability to play the game, the Hurricane's impact on the sport is still up there with the very best.

To many, he is the original People's Champion. After all, he was the man who brought the crowds in to a game which was floundering in the lowly depths of the sporting pyramid.

For all the controversy he caused, his talent can never be denied and, as a result, fans of the game were quick to take Alex to their hearts.

Higgins, who was twice crowned world champion, was an unpredictable and difficult character but played the game a way the people loved. Without fear and as his natural eye told him.

Talk to any ardent fan of the game and Higgins is up there with the very best of the legends.

Even though trouble did follow his every step, his contribution to the game saw the sport transform into a blockbuster throughout the 1980s.

For this reason, he will always be remembered as one of the games greats and as a focal point in the history of the sport.

Whoever goes on to win this weekend's tournament should be bowled over with the honour of having their name next to Alex Higgins on the trophy.


  1. Well put . Like a beautiful flower growin on the edge of a cliff

  2. Killarney is in the republic btw Killarney is in the republic btw