Monday, 24 October 2011

Robertson rumbles Trump

Neil Robertson won the Alex Higgins International Trophy and said he’s a better player than when he won the world title in 2010.

It’s difficult to disagree either.

The Australian lifted the sport’s biggest trophy at the Crucible nearly 18 months ago and since then has been proving he’s more than just a talented long potter.

In fact, he’s shown he’s capable of toughing it out with the best of them.

Robertson has a knack of adapting his game to whoever he’s playing and last night we saw he can learn from his mistakes too.

Earlier this year, he was unable to defend his title as world champion after losing to Judd Trump in the first round of the World Championship. He met the same player in Killarney’s final but set about to stifle him.

It definitely wasn’t a pretty final as he won 4-1 but Robertson won ugly and proved again he’s got the safety game to back up his natural attacking style.

The way Trump was playing in Ireland it would have been suicidal to go out with the intention of potting him off the table. In that kind of form, Judd is difficult to live with.

That’s why his tactic of keeping him on a tight leash was so masterful. He had a game plan and stuck to it with real

Victory also means Robertson has now won two PTC titles this season after he also triumphed in Poland. That’s another marked improvement for the Thunder from Down Under, who largely struggled in this new format last season.

Now, he’s making the most of the extra tournaments and showing signs he could be set to make a charge back to the top of the rankings.

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