Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Fan profile: John O'Reilly

It's been a long time but here's the return of the popular fan profile article.

A trip across the Irish Sea is next on the agenda with a fan who predicted a bright future for Paul Hunter and saw one of Ireland's biggest matches live at the Crucible.

Name: John O’Reilly 

Age: 26 

From: Antrim, Northern Ireland. 

Occupation: DJ, club promoter and sales team leader. 

Followed snooker since: The day I was born. 

First live match: It was Mark Allen versus Ken Doherty on Mark’s debut at the Crucible in 2007. Even though it was first match, it is still to this day my favourite game. It was great to see Mark, a player with so much promise, win 10-7 and show he had arrived on the scene in top class snooker. 

Best memory: I was invited to rehearse the players' 'walk on' at the 2011 Wembley Masters. I got to shake hands with Jan Verhaas in front of the crowd. It was very funny. 

Memory that will stay with you forever: I'll always remember turning on the TV to find out that one of the best snooker players ever, Paul Hunter, had sadly passed away. I'll never forget the way that man played snooker. I would actually go as far as saying that he would have been the best snooker player in the world if he had still been with us today. 

Greatest player: This is so easy. Stephen Hendry. Full stop. 

Favourite player: I want to say my good old friend Mark Allen, but I don't want to be biased, so I'll go for Judd Trump. I like his attacking game and I think he's a really nice guy as well. 

Snooker in 10 years' time will... be one of the biggest global sports in and it could also become an Olympic event.

If I could make one change to the game... I would bring it to Northern Ireland. It's a massive shame that there are no tournaments over here because there are so many fans. 

I love snooker because... it's one of the most mind-controlling, temper-testing sports in the world. To win, you must be focused at all times, even when sitting in your chair for long periods of times. It's a massive test, even for the greats of the game.


  1. Greatest player: This is so easy. Ronnie " The Rocket " O'Sullivan . Period .
    Hendry only won so manny titles because he played in a weak era. He only won one major title after 1997, when Ronnie, Higgins and Williams matured. That says it all.

    Gary, who do u think is the greatest ever ?
    S.Davis, Hendry , Ronnie or perhaps the CHEAT Higgins ?

  2. Hendry was the greatest winner of all time. I believe he also changed the way the game was played. But on ability to play snooker, Ronnie is the best