Saturday, 24 July 2010

RIP Alex, you legend!

Where were you on the night Alex Higgins died?

The answer to this question is one all snooker fans will remember forever.

Ironically, I was in my local snooker club when the news broke. I was trotting round the table to check a red potted past the black, when someone on a computer at the other side of the bar shouted the news.

At first I nearly choked, then I took a huge gulp in sadness. What had just been said, hit me for six.

I'm only 23-years-old, and not really old enough to remember him playing at the top of his game forst hand, but I'm clued up enough to know that he's an absolute hero.

I can only report on heresay but no player has since or ever before him interacted with a crowd like he did. It is because of him the public still follow the game today.

He's a player who is most snookers fans' hero. He was renowned for his entertaining style of play.

He was twice snooker champion of the world. Arguable, he should have won more, but his contribution was more than silverware.

The legendary Steve Davis once said he was scared of playing him, such was his aura around the table.

So today, snooker has lost a legend, one of its biggest players of all time, in fact. This is a dark day for the game. There will not be many sadder days in the sport than this.

Aged 61, the Hurricane was found dead in his flat in Belfast, after years of fighting against throat cancer.

It really is no age at all. But rather than dwell on the demise of this hero, I think it's more fitting to celebrate the wonderful contribution he made to our sport.

Sit back, enjoy, and hold backs the tears if you can.

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