Friday, 22 April 2011

World Championship predictions: Moss v Pegram (part 3)

With more than half the matches already played at the Crucible, points are becoming more and more valuable in the OnCue head-to-head predictions.

Editor Gary Moss is testing himself against former professional Jason Pegram, and the standard has been fairly impressive.

Here's the second installment of last 16 matches...

Ali Carter v Graeme Dott

JP: I've backed Dott to get to the semi-finals and I'll stick by that. Carter has probably got more talent, but Dott has got more grit. I still question Ali's temperament and I think he's still a little bit too big for his boots. He needs that attitude to change to become a top four player. Dott 13-10

GM: Very little between these two players. They're both great fighters and capable of winning the title. They both played well in the first round. I can see this one going the full distance. Dott 13-12

John Higgins v Rory McLeod

JP: I think Higgins could give him a 28 lead and still win this match. He's just too good. Rory is a great player off the TV and I would never mock his ability but he plays such a dated game. He like it's the 1980s and it's boring. He plays a lot with Peter Ebdon so maybe that's had an affect. I'm not a fan of watching Rory. Higgins 13-5

GM: Higgins is still the man to beat at the Crucible this year in my opinion. No disrespect to Rory but this a is a fairly kind draw for the Scot. He's so good in every department. I can see him being a comfortable winner. Higgins 13-5

Mark Allen v Barry Hawkins

JP: Allen will be buzzing after beating Matthew Stevens. He shouldn't have won that one. I was gutted for Matthew. By the sounds of things, Allen is having a bit of a tough time. I think he'll win this match but I'm not convinced by him. He plays quite a messy game and doesn't keep control of the white. That means he has to pot a lot of crazy balls. Allen 13-9

GM: With Allen having already secured his top 16 status, he will be able to enjoy this match much more than his last. When he plays with freedom, he always looks more dangerous. Barry proved with his win against Stephen Maguire that he can upset the seeds, but I think Allen will just have too much. Allen 13-10

Stephen Hendry v Mark Selby

JP: I'd love to see Hendry win an eighth world title. I think he deserves it. He's the best winner and pressure player I've ever seen but I'll be backing Selby. He can win this tournament. Selby 13-7

GM: An important match for Stephen, who needs a result to stay in the top 16. I think he'll make a real fight of it, but after his first round slog and Selby coming through against Jimmy Robertson fairly unscathed, I think he'll be a lot fresher. Selby 13-8

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