Monday, 28 November 2011

Premier performance earns Ronnie 10th title

Picture by Monique Limbos
Ronnie O'Sullivan won a record 10th Premier League title last night - as he cruised past Ding Junhui by an impressive 7-1 scoreline.

This is the Rocket's seventh triumph in eight years and proves yet again why he's the master of shot-clock snooker.

O'Sullivan often produces his most mesmerising play when the seconds are ticking, but why is that?

In short, he's the only player who does not have to change his game to play in the Premier League.

He's the quickest and most instinctive player on the circuit. He plays the game as he sees it and his raw ability to quickly plan ahead stands in him such good stead.

While his opponents ponder, Ronnie rapidly gets about the table and controls the cue ball with ease, and often little thought.

Ronnie's unrivalled sucess in the Premier League is more than just about ability though. Playing in the Premier League is also a chance for Ronnie to play the game with the shackles off. The event draws in big crowds and in front of a packed house, he's often at his best, looking to put on a show.

Ding wasn't anywhere near his best and on a night when Ronnie had the long game to back up his quality in the balls, there was only ever going to be one winner.

Next on the radar for O'Sullivan is the UK Championship. Success at the Premier League does not guarantee him a run in York. While he's still fighting for a guaranteed top 16 seeding after the next ranking revision, he's under pressure to pick up points.

His recent performances in the PTCs prove he's up for the fight and, if he finds a confident rhythm, he'll be difficult to stop.

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