Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ronnie on course for 10 - but could quit Premier League

Ronnie O'Sullivan kept his hopes of a 10th Premier League title on track with victory in Grimsby - but then said this could be his final season playing the format.

The Rocket is a master of the shot-clock, proved by his nine previous triumphs.

But on a night where he masterminded another excellent performance, he shocked Grimsby Telegraph reporter Paul Smith when he said: "This could be my last Premier League - you never know.

"There are so many events now and with the PTCs being for ranking points you have to prioritise.

"The Premier League isn't for ranking points and and the calendar is so busy that it isn't right up there in my priorities."

With  Ronnie's desire to climb back up the rankings, I can see good logic in this. The snooker calendar is packed and players have to put ranking points first. But for so long, Ronnie has been the heart and soul of the Premier League. It would not be the same without him

O'Sullivan has said things before that he has not followed through - so we'll have wait to see if this sticks.

This lack of priority was in no way reflected in his performance on the table though. He put on a great show.

When he arrived in Lincolnshire on Thursday night, he still had a little to do to claim the final play-off spot. But despite needing just a single frame, he put on a show, winning the night with ease.
First he steamrolled Jimmy White 3-0 then, he beat Shaun Murphy 3-1 in the final.

His excellent performance was way above and beyond what he needed but was reward for a passionate crowd and a timely reminder of what a force he is in this format.

He'll be the sure favourite to lift the trophy now and next meets Mark Williams in the semi-final.

It's more great news for Ronnie fans as his resurgence continues.

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