Sunday, 13 November 2011

Trump wins Antwerp classic

Every so often snooker produces a match that will go down in the sport's history - tonight was one of those occasions.

It was fast, it was furious, it was intense and it was compelling.

Judd Trump stormed to victory in the PTC9 in Antwerp with an incredible 4-3 win against Ronnie O'Sullivan.

The match was billed as a thriller and delivered in every sense, proving snooker is still box office stuff. This match will go down as the greatest best-out-of-seven-frame matches, the best PTC final we've ever seen. The standard was through the roof.

It was the twist in the tail of the match which won it for me. With Judd 3-1 ahead, it looked as if the apprentice was showing the master the way. Roles were reversed as Ronnie was forced to sit in his chair and watch effortless snooker.

But O'Sullivan replied with back-to-back centuries to force the decider. Judd nicked it with the aid of a fluke on frame ball. That's unfortunate but part of the game and no-one can begrudge Judd his win.

From a spectators point of view, the result didn't matter by that point. This great match was already heading for the scrapbook.

There wasn't much safety but when there was, it was excellent. This match was all about great pots and one-visit snooker.

Both players were clinical and brutal in the balls and despite the match going the full distance, it was still wrapped up in just over an hour. That was testament to the players gung-ho style.

It was played like an exhibition match and was great reward for an excellent Belgian crowd.

Both players belong on the big stage and with the atmosphere pumping, they relished it. They were fearless, rarely refusing an opportunity to score and taking the chance to put on a real show.

This match was a great advert for a sport that often attracts criticism. It proved short formats can produce memorable snooker too.

The balls were singing and with these boys in town, there was no need for a shot clock. They played at an uncontrollable pace anyway.

I won't be forgetting this one in a hurry, and nor will anyone who watched it.


  1. I don't think it is a great advert for the game to see a fluke pot decide a skilled contest when the said rules should not allow an unfair advantage. Great match ruined by a fluke.

  2. Give it a rest Daniel you sad sad man