Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Can Higgins conquer Masters misery?

John Higgins will be hoping a switch of venue to Alexandra Palace will bring him better fortune in the Masters.

Since winning the prestigious title back in 2006, he's lost four of his last five first round matches and openly admits he found it difficult playing at Wembley.

Picture by Monique Kimbos
He put his bad record behind him today with a comfortable 6-2 win against Welshman Matthew Stevens, who hasn't played in this tournament himself for five seasons.

Higgins may be well due a win at the Masters but he could also do with a return to form in general.

It's been a stop-start season so far for the Scot as he's struggled to reach the same heights he did to win the World Championship in May last year.

There's been murmurs since his win in Sheffield that Higgins has grown into a player who is "boring to watch" but his continued steely approach will ensure he remains a tough match for any of the world's top players for a few years to come yet.

John is far too good of a player to be kept down for too long and still has more trophies on his radar.

While players around him look intent on attacking their way to the title, Higgins has the tactical game to trouble the new generation and will be desperate to put in a good performance at a tournament where he's struggled to make his mark in recent years.

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