Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Chinese whispers

Players who are unenthusiastic about travelling to play snooker in China need to get real - and quick.

There are more people playing snooker in China than the rest of the world combined; it's a national phenomenon.

Barry Hearn obviously understands this because, as of next season, there will be five ranking events here.

As normal, there will be the China Open and Shanghai Masters. The Haikou World Open - making its tournament debut this season - will be returning, the Wuxi Classic is being upgraded to as fully-fledged ranking event and a brand new tournament with a £125,000 top prize is launching.

This huge prize fund proves sponsors are willing to plough money into the sport and that the boom is very much alive.

Sure, an increased number of events will mean more travel for the British players and that it becomes more difficult for home nation fans to follow all the action. But, there is a whole new global market out there for the game which much be captured.

The enthusiasm for snooker in China is gigantic. Youngsters are flocking to play on the baize and huge TV figures are only getting bigger.

When the players go out there, they are treated like world superstars and given the full red-carpet treatment. The Chinese are mad for the sport.

A lot of this, of course, is down to Ding Junhui. He remains the nation's shining light but will soon be joined at the top by many more. We are seeing some of these come through already, including Liang Wenbo, Xiao Guodong, Yu Delu, Li Yan, Liu Chuang, Cao Yupeng and Tian Pengfei. But this is just the start.

As more snooker is played in China, the country's thirst for the game will only evolve. They will produce more players and put even more money into the sport.

That's the truth. Certain players need to accept the game is going global, with or without them.

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