Saturday, 21 January 2012

Roberton's revenge to reach Masters final

Neil Robertson won sweet revenge over Judd Trump as he brought his run at the Masters to a halt.

The Australian potter - overcoming the challenge of a fresh tip - showed his full raft of matchplay abilities as he stormed to a satisfying 6-3 win.

Picture by Steve Kent
He led 5-1 before fighting off a mini-revival, but was a worthy winner overall.

It means he's into his first Masters final and, just as important, he denied Trump a hat-trick of wins against him in BBC events.

Robertson went into this match having lost to young Judd at both the World and UK Championship. Add the spice of Trump accusing him of being a slow player and you have a grudge match on your hands.

Neil is a fierce competitor and would have come into this match desperate to bite back.

Well, bite back he did. The world number four is a smart player and put about his task of derailing Trump by finding an excellent balance between attack and defence. Neil is a great tactician and was prepared to play the waiting game but also knocked in some great long pots and scored well at times.

He deserved to win fair and square - but the needle was clear to hear after the match.

Judd said: "He played his normal speed. He's always quite slow.

"He did what he had to do. He got in front but he was a little bit boring in the first couple of frames and I lost interest. He put my under pressure from the start and did what he had to do.

"If I'd played my best game, I'd have won easy. I've got myself to blame."

Picture by Steve Kent
Neil added: "He's got a couple of mates in the crowd. They're probably alright lads and everything but I don't like the fact that they say hello to me before the game and then are screaming for the white to go in or when there's a fluke saying 'good shot Judd'

"He (Judd) didn't really say anything to me at the end of the match.

"It was quite strange because usually when someone wins to make a final, they wish you good luck. It was a bit disappointing.

"There's a lot of people that love him, a lot of people that don't.

"Some people are a little bit fed up of the things he does and he's nothing like that. If you guys would film him 24 hours a day, he's nothing like the character he portrays on Twitter.

"Why doesn't he want to be Judd Trump? Why does he want to be Mario Balotelli?"

Neil won't dwell on the building feud though.

Instead, he can now look forward to his first Masters final and goes into it with a fabulous record of winning all six of his previous major finals.


  1. I agree with Judd. Robertson is slow and boring.

  2. anyone thinking robbo is slow and boring knows "ZERO" about snooker

    judd needs to sort himself out as anyone can be a good winner.

  3. I'm with Neil on this one. I have always liked Judd Trump, but it looks so unprofessional for your mates to be ranting about how dull and twattish your opponent is on Twitter. If Trump and his mates just rose above it, Robertson could look in the wrong, but by making all the silly comments, they're just proving Neil's point.

  4. What a pity. I liked Judd up until today. No more. And I don't think he'll last. He's got mental issues that will bring him down.

  5. Grow up Judd. You spat the dummy mate. Higgins would have put you down anyway if you beat Neil.

  6. Judd will last, Anon Jan 21, 11:AM. He'll last - which is great for snooker in terms of popularity, future of the sport and money - but those of us who appreciate not only talent and dedication but also some reasonable maturity from the players will have to see the same sort of very predictable reaction at Judd's fanatics as they still see at Ronnie's fanatics. Impossible to ever really 'discuss' with some of these fanatics either because you feel sorry for them or you just can't stop laughing: they are blatantly blind (as in 'they don't want to see'), twist logic, invent excuses over excuses for any mistake or blunder and generally never fear of making fools of themselves. Judd was wrong and rude and must learn how to be gracious in both victory and defeat.